• You live on in our family Toss. Although we never met, through my research, I feel I know you. Your courageous efforts will be remembered. 1/05/2021 view person
  • Rev. James Gerard Hennessy born Sept, 24, 1905 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA to James Vincent Hennessy & Margaret Carroll Hennessy. 8/05/2021 view person
  • James G. Hennessy was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1930 at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. 8/05/2021 view person
  • Fr. James G. Hennessy served 1930-37 @ Immaculate Conception, Malden & Cathedral of Holy Cross,Boston. 1937-42 Missionary Buka Solomon Is. 8/05/2021 view person
  • Captured by Japanese March 17, 1942 held at Rabaul as prisoner of war until boarding the Montevideo Maru. 8/05/2021 view person
  • Fr. Jim was greatly loved by his family and is an inspiration by his devotion to serving Jesus and God’s children. 8/05/2021 view person
  • of Maramakas Plantation, New Ireland. Son of Ernest Albert and Ellen Ann Ashby; husband of Emily Myra Ashby. 4/06/2021 view person
  • 1111 23/10/2022 view person