Differences between the Japanese list and the accompanying English list of military personnel

The English list of military personnel on board the Montevideo Maru, which was originally bound with the Japanese list, is not a translation of the military entries on the Japanese list. There are a number of significant differences between them.

The Japanese list is arranged numerically by a running number for each entry, and records the name, age, rank, soldier type, occupation or special skill, unit, place of birth, and comment – usually the place of capture.

The English list is arranged alphabetically and records (in most cases) an assigned number, name, branch of service (A Army, AF Air Force, N Navy), rank, (in some cases) service number, and unit. There are known to be errors in the recorded service numbers.

The red numbers on this list indicate non-commissioned officers.

There is one unnumbered name on the English list not present in any form on the Japanese list: OLSON C John, A, Gnr, QX14904, 1st Ind. Compy.

Military personnel on the Japanese list that are not recorded on the English list
POW no. Name Age Soldier type Unit Place of birth Place of capture Note
3 ELAN, Ernest 26 Infantry A Company 22nd Battalion Sydney Warangoi River His name has a red tick against it on the Japanese list
43 WARD, Albert Agnew 19 Anti-aircraft Gunner Anti-aircraft Artillery Unit Victoria Keravat  
240 EBBINS, Stephen A 34 Blank B Company 22nd Battalion Melbourne Wide Bay Coast  
450 WATSON, Thomas John 27 Signal Soldier 1st Independent Company Western Australia Keviang His name has a red tick against it on the Japanese list

Several names for which there are numbers on the Japanese list, appear on the English list without numbers against them. Other numbers on the English list do not match the Japanese numbers. The names and numbers are:

Non-commissioned officers
Japanese list number Translated name English list number English list name
67 Donald Stewart SMITH 33 SMITH, Donald Stewart
110 Dudley Clyde BEALE none BEALE, Dudley Clyde
129 Alexis Patrick NOONAN none NOONAN, Alexis Patrick
Japanese list number Translated name English list number English list name
30 Robert Whitton LANGLAND none IANGLANDS, Robert Whitton
105 Roderick John MacLENNAN 205 MacLENNAN, Roderick John
130 Frederick Karl MILLER 730 MILLER, Frederick K
132 William CARLEY none CARLEY,William
185 Hemmis William MILLER 37 MILLER, Hemmis William
201 Colin Francis HENRY 21 *HENSON, Colin Francis
229 Anthony McDIARMID 299 McDIARMID, Anthony
252 Maddock Cameron MACKENZIE none MACKENZIE, Maddock Cameron
258 Harris George NEWMAN 255 NEWMAN, Harris George
266 Lauries Arthur HULETT 226 HULETT, Lauric Arthur
278 John Andrew WILSON none WILSON, John Andrew
314 John Enyard CUAR none CARR, John E
331 Kevin Patrick CASEY none CASEY, Patrick K
336 Alan Lindsay MARKHAM 335 MARKHAM, Alan Lindsay
355 Thomas Godfrey BARTHOLDS 335 BARTHOLDS, Thomas Godfrey
359 James Edward PERRIMAN 40 PERRIMAN, James Edward
365 John Neville EVANS 356 EVANS, John Neville
431 Cyril Edward BOOTH none BOOTH, Cyril Edward
441 William Edward BELLINGHAM none BELLINGHAM, William E
448 Ronald Ernest WEIR 449 WEIR, Ronald Ernest
449 Robert Wright HARRISON none HARRISON, Robert Wright
487 Eric Albert ANGWIN 484 ANGWIN, Eric Albert
503 Edward Harold VINEN none VINEN, Edward H
504 Robert Kenneth ELLIOT none ELLIOT, Robert Kenneth
511 Arthur Allan COCKSEDGE 516 COCKSEDGE , Arthur Allan
517 Albert WOODHOUSE 519 WOODHOUSE, Albert
542 Ernest RADFORD none RADFORD, Ernest

*Found entered on another roll transferred from the Japanese Government, as HENRY. The entry had been amended to HENSON.