• Born Antonio Denny Facenna (Hill is stepfathers name). Lied about age (was well over 40 years old) to enlist & hoped to see family in UK. 20/08/2017 view person
  • Tom was born in London, not Victoria. 22/09/2017 view person
  • One of two brothers in the battalion. Jack Russell was killed on the first day of battle. We are so grateful for their sacrifice. 26/01/2018 view person
  • John Malcolm Spears POW Presumed dead aboard Montevideo sinking 23/04/2018 view person
  • In memory of W.O. Fred Mountford, a Heritage Portrait Medal Frame has been added. 23/04/2018 view person
  • Grandmother Eliza -Jane Wheelhouse gave me Uncle Percy's medals. Contact me would like some photos to attach medals 25/04/2018 view person
  • Arthur Guy Allen was my great uncle. During the first world war he joined the 5th light horse and fought at Gallipoli. 4/05/2018 view person